Big News -- BCM Open Source on Christmas Day!

BCM team keeps the promise and now open source BCM at, the corresponding BCM release is 2.6.0, which is already available in Google Play.
Open source expresses the BCM's communication concept, BCM will provide the most reliable and safest messenger channel and firmly maintain the communication of freedom.


BCM brings its influence to Russia again

BCM security team once again comes to St. Petersburg, Russia, and shares the top research results on site. Meanwhile, BCM executives also discuss how to build a high security and privacy instant messaging software with on-site hackers.
BCM's stable and reliable security communication has been unanimously praised by Russian security researchers.


BCM will always strive for free communication

BCM security team delivers security speech at POC in South Korea. POC is the top security conference in South Korea aims to share freedom and knowledge, which is highly consistent with BCM's idea of free communication.


BCM brings edge security research to PacSec conference in Tokyo

After the CODE BLUE conference, BCM team once again publish research results at the edge security conference in Tokyo, continuously expand its influence in Japan, accumulate large numbers of high-quality Japanese hacker users, and rapidly promote BCM globalization and internationalization.


Using art to communicate with hackers in Japan

When the term "hack" was first used for a cultural event in the UK in 2007, it was groundbreaking for the arts and now has become a fashion.
BCM team introduces a new art form at CODE BLUE conference in Japan, the combination of art and hacker, and helps hackers become fashion again, discovering in art and burst out with hacking innovative inspiration.



The CISO of BCM has a presentation at HITB conference in UAE, he says since news of PRISM, hackers have begun to pay even more attention to the security of the information they exchange and the protection of their personal privacy. In this talk, Anthony covers the background of how to built BCM messenger and take attendees through the inner workings of how to build a secure and reliable communications messenger on the blockchain.


BCM becomes the HITB Official Messenger

Honored to be the Official Messenger for HITB conferences and events. BCM's mission is to provide the highest level of security technology and services for those who value secure communications.


BCM going to Open Source this Christmas

A gift of security and privacy at Christmas, try to meet basic human secure IM needs -- security, privacy, freedom, protection, creation, and identity.
Disclose source code of BCM to the public, strive to build the most reliable and safest Instant messenger.


The voice from Edward Snowden--You better avoid Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger!

"Facebook owns Whatsapp and disassembles it layer by layer – the different levels of protection – since they bought the company. They say, 'No, no, no, we're not listening to any conversations that are encrypted anyway, at least not right now'. But you know, facebook could hear the content of the talks and the correspondence on "questions of national security". Edward Snowden said.


Who will open Pandora Box-like top secure messenger

It must be hacker-protected BCM with off-the-grid communications. BCM rollout AirChat via Android first today, AirChat supports multi-hop ad-hoc network, based on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi without the internet.
A specific area, more people using, more communication coverage.


BCM attracts worldwide attention and favors in DEFCON

BCM first appears in DEFCON and attracts a lot of attention from hackers. BCM has attracted a large number of hackers to use BCM Messenger and gained consistent praise.


The world's most famous hacker's security comments on BCM

BCM get the expectation and advices how to do a more secure and safe messenger from the world’s famous hacker Kevin minick.


BCM brand influence is affecting Defcon hackers

Hackers taking products with BCM elements everywhere in the conference, which makes the relationship between hackers and BCM even closer. They are high-quality fans and users of BCM. Though it is BCM first time appears in DEFOCN , BCM has established a good brand influence in the minds of hackers.


The Founder of DEFCON & Blackhat Dark Tangent talks with BCM

BCM meet Dark Tangent on the first day of DEFCON. The DEFCON conference founded by Dark Tangent has greatly promoted the progress of world cybersecurity!


Kevin Mitnick likes and writes down secure advice to BCM

Kevin, the world's most famous hacker, who ever hacked the Pentagon and landed on the ollywood screen several times, writes down interesting words to comment on BCM's no phone number & email required secure and anonymous ID architecture, "You won't social engineer my crypto keys from me".


BCM gets Jayson's handwriting expectations

BCM get Jayson’s postcard with his handwriting expectations about how to develop a hack-like instant messenger. He's a great DEFCON Groups Global Ambassador with nice work!


BCM presents the technology speech at Blackhat

BCM Hackers present their presentation “The Air-Gap Malware of X-Sploit” at Blackhat USA, the speech attracts many hackers’ attention and complete success.


BCM is secretly developing AirChat to secure chat messaging

Lack of communication can be vital in many places. That's why we developing AirChat in BCM without Internet.
Stay safe without internet, signal weakness in calamities, large music or sporting events, wild exploration without signal, low risk read by unwanted eyes.


BCM and HackerOne reach security cooperation

BCM Joining hands with the world's leading security bug bounty platform to accept security vulnerabilities submitted by global hackers.


BCM get acknowledgments from Microsoft Security Response

BCM Hacker Team researcher @by_sanr finds Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-1040 and get acknowledgements from official Microsoft Security Response.