Security, Privacy,

BCM is a highly secure communication platform. Each message is strictly encrypted, and no third party can decipher the content.

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Friends of BCM Messenager

BCM, thank you for the art and all the great work!

The Dark Tangent (Jeff Moss)

Founder of the BlackHat & DEFCON

You won't social engineer my crypto keys from me.

Kevin Mitnick

The World's Most Famous Hacker

I expect BCM to provide a secure easy to use platform and also a lot of emojies.

Jayson E. Street

DEFCON Groups Global Ambassador

Chat without Internet

OfflineChat supports multi-hop ad-hoc network, with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi interconnections, so that in a specific area, the more people are using the app, the bigger coverage.

Use Anonymously

Each user generates a random BCM ID. No phone number or email address is required in order to use BCM. This enables you to use BCM completely anonymously.

Fully End-to-End Encrypted

BCM end-to-end encrypts all your communication including messages, voice calls, group chats, files and even personal profile. Only the intended recipient, and nobody else can read your messages.

Fast Account Destruction

BCM has fast and comprehensive account destruction function, and users can easily completely delete accounts from both the server and the phone in case of private key leak or time of danger.

Secure Data Vault

BCM uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure from the moment you share to the moment your file is opened. It also offers security controls that you can set.


Multi-Language Support

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